Our water projects serve as a catalyst for building men

We do not exist to build an organization. Instead, our water projects serve as a power force for building men. More than 37 years ago, IMPACT invited a small group of men to build a freshwater system for an Auca Indian village in the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle. The purpose of IMPACT was forged when we saw first-hand how a man’s heart and view of himself can change forever. Thirty-seven years later, we have completed 60+ water projects in numerous villages in developing countries across three continents. Come be a part of something truly worthwhile and transformational. One of our volunteers calls the water project “a mission trip on steroids.


IMPACT has taken more than 300 men who range from CEOs to college students on our clean water projects. Our sweet spot for our volunteers is 20-45 years old men. These projects have become a huge spiritual force for change in the hearts of the men who have gone with us over the years.

If you are interested in being a volunteer on a water project and you need more information, contact us at: info@impactwater.org

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You can help change a life, one village at a time!


a child dies as a result of water-related illness.
You can help.