Our Mission

IMPACT exists to build clean water systems for impoverished villages in remote areas of Honduras, and to enrich the spiritual lives of its U.S. volunteers and the Honduran villagers it serves.

Our History

Thirty years ago, pastor Mark Smith led a small group of men from San Antonio, Texas deep inside the Amazon jungle to build a sustainable water system in a remote Huaorani village. This was the group’s stated purpose, but God had a far greater purpose in mind.

As the men toiled amidst the heat and humidity, they underwent a spiritual renewal of sorts–and it would not only change how they viewed the world, but also how they viewed themselves.

Burdened by the need for clean water in remote villages, and passionate to help men grow in their faith, Mark transitioned from his pastoral position and began leading water projects full-time in 2008.

Since then, over 200 men have served on IMPACT’s Honduran trips, laying over 181 miles of pipe and providing water to nearly 6,200 people in 24 remote villages.

What We Do

Water Tank

Clean Water

Our gravity-fed water systems operate simply and efficiently. In fact, IMPACT’s first system is still running today, some 30 years later.
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Gospel Planting

The goal is much more than just bringing clean water. It’s also about sharing life, building relationships and ultimately introducing our compañeros to Jesus.

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