All Worth While

It’s amazing the way that God PREPARES the villages before we arrive and has the right people in place and their hearts are open to us and ready to work together to make a change in their local villages. We were so blessed when a truckload of men arrived from El Porvenir to our project in La Mancha just to see us again and to say THANK YOU! They were thankful for the water, for friendship and for bringing the Gospel to their village. These are the things that reaffirm that we are right where we should be, doing the work that we are doing.

Working Side by Side – Sergio’s Story

Sergio Vega has been on a number of water project trips and each one teaches him something new. In the video this month, Sergio talks about how the men of the village open up to the IMPACT volunteers while working side by side on a water project. And the issues that they face are often so similar to the things that we are struggling with as well. Through these new relationships with our compañeros, our own spiritual journeys grow. We are challenged and we are blessed.

Water to Each Home

It is an amazing thing to be able to bring clean water to families in Honduras. In this video, Mark Smith​ takes us through how the gravity based water systems are constructed and what the project teams work on during their trips. In La Mancha, over 400 families benefit from this IMPACT water project. If you would like to give for project supplies, visit http://impactwater.org/impact-clean-water-support/

With Two Hands

Arnoldo left his own village as a young man to become an engineer so that he could return to these mountains and use those skills to bring water to the region. Watch this story and hear more about how Arnoldo believes that God uses our two hands in different ways during the water projects.