Water to Each Home

It is an amazing thing to be able to bring clean water to families in Honduras. In this video, Mark Smith​ takes us through how the gravity based water systems are constructed and what the project teams work on during their trips. In La Mancha, over 400 families benefit from this IMPACT water project. If you would like to give for project supplies, visit http://impactwater.org/impact-clean-water-support/

With Two Hands

Arnoldo left his own village as a young man to become an engineer so that he could return to these mountains and use those skills to bring water to the region. Watch this story and hear more about how Arnoldo believes that God uses our two hands in different ways during the water projects.

Oscar’s Story

Oscar has been our friend for a few years and his story is a beautiful testimony of what happens when our work goes beyond the water project and into discipleship and lasting friendships. God has transformed his life and blessed him and we are blessed to know him and his family.

Our time of the year for Key Men and discipleship is just around the corner after the New Year. Please keep us in your prayers as we open the doors to these men in the village to dive deeper into the word and receive mentorship and support from our team.