Building the Family

When we go to Honduras on an IMPACT Water trip, we don’t just dig ditches and build gravity-fed water systems. We build families, too.

Building families happens in three ways:

  • Through the friendships that we establish between us American guys on the trip and our Honduran compañeros. Like Michael said, he was “able to make new family all the way in a different country.”
  • By sharing with Honduran men how God expects a family to work. Unlike the surrounding culture, God doesn’t intend for families to be characterized by violence, silence, or division. We share with these men what it takes to love your wife, care for your children, and create a thriving family unit.
  • By enlarging the family of God through Bible studies during the week that we are there and through follow-up events after we leave. An IMPACT experience may be the first time many of these men have heard the good news of Jesus in a fair and accurate way that they can understand and respond to.

When you join with IMPACT by sharing your resources or your time, you are helping build a family that together makes life better for everyone involved.

Thank you for being part of IMPACT’s ministry in Honduras.

We Dug for Five Miles to Lay Water Pipes

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know I just got back from an IMPACT Water trip to La Laguna de Guambuco, Honduras. It takes me a few days to catch my breath now that I’m old, but I wanted to let you know what we experienced.

  • Ten guys started my study on the Book of John. They really dug into what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Men meeting Christ in the pages of scripture is the heart of IMPACT.
  • We built the entire gravity-fed water system. The American guys and the compañeros dug trenches, and the whole community now enjoys fresh, clean water right in their homes. I’m sending you this quick clip of Al Hassler sharing a little about what it’s like to dig a trench through the mountains of Honduras and why fathers are the reason we do it.
  • We played volleyball, held sack races, and visited in the compañeros’ homes. Nothing like this has ever happened in this village before. These people felt noticed, honored, and loved in a whole new way.
  • The kids in the village had a blast! Check out those pictures on Facebook or Instagram to see some great smiles.

Thank you for making IMPACT happen!

Fifth Day in Las Vegas de Jalan

Final Day in Las Vegas de Jalan! Thank you for going on this journey with us. Tonight, we celebrate because our motto really comes true at the end of our trip – we changed the life of a village and the heart of a man because God was with us.

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Third Day in Las Vegas de Jalan

Day 3 in Las Vegas de Jalan! Last night, over 300 people gathered in the village, sharing and telling stories. It’s been an amazing opportunity to bring clean water and watch the connection between men of different cultures. Thank you for helping make this mission possible.

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