Operations Volunteers

David Parker

David has been involved in the world of advertising and marketing as a creative director for over 30 years.  In April of 2009, a friend convinced him to join a team of IMPACT volunteers working on a water project in Honduras.  After spending a week in a village in the remote mountains helping build a system to bring clean water to the homes of the village families, he was hooked.  David has volunteered on two subsequent projects in Honduras and serves on the IMPACT Operations Team, assisting with fund raising efforts and project management.  He says, “The magic moment of being involved with IMPACT is when we turn on the faucet for the first time and clean water pours out.  The look in the eyes of the women and children, knowing that they won’t have to spend hours everyday searching for water and that water-related sickness will no longer be a constant threat, is worth every dollar and hour we donate.”

  • Email: david@impactwater.org

Eric Dingus

Eric comes to IMPACT with 15 years of experience in technology and innovation, having served in roles with global brands as well as small startups. Eric took his first trip with IMPACT in April 2011, and he hasn’t looked back. Eric serves on IMPACT’s Operations Team, assisting with fundraising and project management. “The magic moment of being involved with IMPACT,” Eric says, “happens that last evening, when you spend time with your compañero and his family celebrating the fact that neither of your lives will be the same again.”