Clean Water

Our gravity-fed water systems operate simply and efficiently. In fact, IMPACT’s first system is still running today, some 30 years later.

Many worthy organizations battle the world’s water problem. IMPACT’s clean water program is different, and our first system is still in operation some 30 years later.

The IMPACT Advantage:

  • Focus: By limiting our operations to Honduras, IMPACT is able to develop and nurture village relationships long after a water system is installed.
  • Local Partnerships: IMPACT consults native partners to identify and pursue those areas which present the greatest need.
  • Boots on the Ground: IMPACT takes accountability for the funds that it raises by personally assisting in the installation of its clean water systems.
  • Sweat Equity: Village volunteers dig 5-8 miles of trenches before the U.S. teams arrive, fostering a sense of local ownership for the project.
  • Cultural Exchange: IMPACT’s American volunteers are assigned a local compañero, with whom they work, share, and laugh during the weeklong installation.
  • Infrastructure: Our gravity-fed systems operate simply and efficiently, delivering clean water into each home; as opposed to digging a central well.
  • Leadership Development: IMPACT helps villages become independently responsible for maintaining their water systems by assisting in the creation of a village water board.

Clean Water Project Sustainable

Sustainable Water Projects

IMPACT doesn’t drill wells or install pumps. With no electricity or experienced mechanics in the remote villages, those types of water solutions eventually break down and become useless.

IMPACT systems are gravity-based and simple to maintain, so they deliver safe water year after year.

Being involved in building the system gives villagers a complete education on its operation. This knowledge allows them to take full responsibility for maintenance after completion.

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