Key Man Conference 2016 – Testimonies


We met Wilmer last year in Monte Fresco and we were immediately impacted by his enthusiasm and industriousness in his work and home. Wilmer became a Christian and has stayed in touch with the IMPACT team to learn more and deepen his understanding of the gospel. His wife, however, did not share his zeal for this new life and they separated. Wilmer was hurt and disappointed but he continued to have faith that God’s hand was on his life and he continued to study and be obedient to God’s call.

Two days before our arrival, Wilmer’s wife called him and asked for forgiveness. She told him that she wants to walk with him and with the Lord! Mark and Gustavo met with her while visiting the villages earlier in the week and said she is a changed woman. This reconciliation is an answer to prayers!! Wilmer is encouraged to challenge other men to be an agent of change in their communities and help other couples strengthen their marriages.

Wilmer with his daughter and wife
Wilmer with his daughter and wife


Ricardo’s story is one of commitment and perseverance to building The Kingdom. He is from one of the more impoverished communities called Santa Fe. Prior to the conference, he made a commitment to help another villager with their harvest. In order to attend the conference, he paid for another man to work in his place during the harvest. Please pray that his dedication is blessed and that his time with us bears great fruit.

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