The Best Gift You Can Give (or get) this Christmas

The best gift you can give this Christmas just dripped through four layers of dirt.

Clean drinking water.

It takes 10-12 North American men and 30-50 Honduran men laboring side-by-side to build our gravity-fed, soil-purified water systems. We work hard, sweat a lot, and build life-changing relationships. You can help.

  • $33 will give fresh water to one person.
  • $60 will buy 400 feet of pipe.
  • $170 will give water to one family.

These low-dollar amounts are possible thanks to a matching gift that expires December 31 at midnight. Will you help our Honduran men give their families fresh water this Christmas?

Thank you for helping us take fresh water and Living Water into Honduras. Please give today to DOUBLE your IMPACT.


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