2016 Gospel Conference Recap

Mark Smith, Jeff Smith and Doug Benshoof left San Antonio on Wednesday, April 20 to head towards our final gospel planting and discipleship initiative for the year before we kick off a new season of water projects. They flew into Tegucigalpa, met up with Gustavo and Arnoldo and then drove 6 hours to Trojas to meet up with our Key Men that have been studying the gospel with us since we met them on water projects. Upon arrival in Trojas, the entire team had this feeling of really having everything from the past few years come full circle.

Honduras Men in Trojas

Most of these Key Men came to our very first gospel conference 3 years ago. At that time, they were young men searching for God after experiencing a life change during one of our water projects. In the course of these projects, they worked side by side with IMPACT volunteers to bring a clean water system to their villages while sharing their life experiences and struggles and hearing about the grace of God. This week, they return as teachers because their lives have been transformed by the Good News of Jesus!

Mark Smith teaching in Honduras

We were thrilled to see 40 men from 8 different water projects join us on Thursday and Friday. We came together for group teachings, shared scriptures and insights and broke up into smaller groups to discuss application of these lessons.

Mens Gospel Conference Honduras

These return visits have become so important for IMPACT because they are a catalyst for great change. All of the discussion leaders were new Kingdom seekers just three years ago.  Now they are leading others because their lives, marriages, and their hearts have been transformed by the Gospel.


It has been an incredible conference. Amazing to witness the growth, leadership and purpose that these men show for their lives now. It is confirmation that IMPACT is about even more than bringing clean water to a village in need. Our water projects are an opportunity for us to meet these men, to change their existing life trajectory and to be ambassadors of Christ to our Honduran brothers.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

Mark Smith Speaking





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